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Berenjenas a la parrilla

Berenjenas a la parrilla con un poquito de vinagre balsamico, aceite de oliva y hierbas aromaticas.

Tiempo de coccion: 15 minutos


3 berenjena
3 cucharadas de aceite de oliva
2 cucharadas de vinagre balsamico
2 dientes garlic, picados finamente
1 pizca de thyme, basil, dill, y oregano
Sal y Pimienta Negra


Corte las berenjenas a lo largo, con un grosor de 1/2 pulgada.
En un pequeño recipiente, combine aceite de oliva, vinagre balsamico, ajo, hierbas, sal y pimienta.
Unte esta mezcla ambos lados de las berenjenas.


Rich creamy mascarpone cheese is layered between brandy and coffee infused savoiardi cookies and dusted with rich dark chocolate in this traditional recipe.

This is one of my never fail dessert recipes I often make when entertaining. Tiramisu literally translates as “pick me up". I made this dessert for the first time after tasting an amazing Tiramisu in Florence. When I asked the waiter to explain the secret as to why it was so light, he explained that the chef folded whipped cream into the mascarpone cheese. I have done exactly that ever since.